Fruit and Flowers – The Gift of Health

Who in your life could really use a shot of good health and vitality right now? Think of the people suffering from illness and fighting off serious disease. Think of children you love who are not out running around careless and free as all children have the right to do. Think of the elderly members of your family who you want to keep around for a hundred or more years. Think of all the people you love who could use something healing and fruitful.

There are a lot of things that you could give these people to lift their spirits and maybe give them a little lift to their step so the going is not so hard. Yet, one of the most unique and healing gifts available is the combination of fresh flowers and delicious, whole fruits.

Flowers for High Spirits

Beautiful flowers with a calming aroma are just perfect for raising the spirits. When someone is depressed or held down with poor health, they need something to mentally lift their spirits. Flowers do the job because they come in cheerful colors have shapes and forms that just make you want to smile. Of course, those with a nice scent do double duty at cheering your recipients up.

On the most difficult days of their lives, your loved ones will know you are with them when they look up and see beautiful flowers that were sent straight from your heart to their home.

Fruit for Health & Energy

Fresh fruit is one of the most healing, nutritious things on earth. Fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that can have a healing effect on the body. That is why so many people are now taking up juicing to make sure they get large quantities of fruits and vegetables in their daily life. You do not have to go that far, but it explains why fresh fruit is the perfect gift for someone who needs an uplift of health and spirit.

Putting it All together

The easiest way to put together a warm gift of fruit and flowers is to find an online florist that offers this type of bouquet already put together. You can select from a variety of fresh fruits in season in your area with different flowers added for a complete package. You can select from different combination's, some with more flowers while others play the fruit with the flowers serving as garnish for appearance and a light scent.

When the package is opened, your recipients may be expecting the flowers but they will not be expecting the basket or other container filled with delicious fruits perfectly ripened and ready for the nourishment of their body.

Top the package off with a thoughtful personalized note that tells your recipy why you are sending the gift. Let them know that you have been thinking of them, wish them the best, and want them to feel your presence around them as they recover, fight or grow in health day by day.

Take care to have this package delivered on the right day and at the right time. Send it on the morning of a difficult operation or their first day back home during recovery. Send it to their private hospital room, the nursing home, or their desk at work when you know they are having a hard time getting through the day.