Free Internet Access Providers

Free Internet means you get restricted Internet access at no expense, or that you can pay for what you use. This free Internet access is provided by companies known as ISPs, or Internet service providers. They are the ones who establish a permanent (until your account is cancelled) connection to all the World Wide Web has to offer, and there is indeed much to discover. Some providers do not charge a monthly fee, but charge for the number of hours you spend online. Your online time and bandwidth is often times restricted by the provider.

Access-4-free gives you free access 10 hours a month, but if you need more time on the net, you have to pay one dollar per hour. This is restricted to a maximum of ten dollars a month. Set-up fees of approximately five dollars have to be paid initially as well. provides free Internet access in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. This service is free because it is part of G4 communications. But you need to have a caller ID for accessing this service.

NetZero's free Internet access is restricted to just 10 hours per month, but is available through the United States. This provider offers users the option of upgrading membership to a premium service and also includes a mail account in their free package.

10-10-2000 charges you 6.5 cents for every minute you spend online, but you do not pay them a monthly fee for Internet access. If you are living in the eastern part of United States, you can use the services of this company.